Our products prevent the formation of Limestone, they are easy to install, do not use chemicals, require no maintenance and energy consumption is negligible. Our technology cleans the existing Limestone.

Save on energy costs and protect the environment.


This series includes those models that regarding power are more responsive to the needs of small structures designated for residence: apartments, houses up to two/ three apartments, SPA, steam cookers, dishwashers also in hotels.

  • AQUARING H25: product used in single family houses or apartments for prevention of limescale;
  • AQUARING H35: product used in single-family houses or small system where the pipe to be treated is 1″ for prevention of limescale and Killing bacteria;
  • AQUARING H63: product used in small plants for prevention of limescale, such as in bactericide and flocculant function.

Easy to install, you install it and you forget it because it has a very long life. It is installed normally on cold water pipe before it is heated.

aquaring domestic line



It includes the models of AQUARING L, the distinction is made on the outer diameter of the pipe on which they have to be placed: ex. Aquaring L 75 is reccomended for pipes up to 75 mm/ 2 1/2″ o.d.

Indicated for industrial installations, on heat exchanger and tube bundle plates, for molds cooling in the molding extrusion for cooling Towers, wherever we have “hard water”.

We are available to study the solutions of particular problems.



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