Bactericidal equipment in meat processing Company

October 2013

The present application refers to a company that ends the life cycle of rabbits, within an establishment in which the meat is processed and packaged for distribution. For some marginal and outside processing the plant uses well water with serious bacteriological problems, with particular evidence of pseudomonas aeruginosa that may indirectly contaminate meat products.

To avoid any possibility of contamination inside the plant, the management would like to break down the bacterial load of water but want to avoid the use of chemicals.

Test method used:

The water drawn from the well is piped into a storage tank, from here a pipe leads it back to the withdrawal points with the use of a booster pump. An electronic unit is installed, with bactericidal action as well as anti-scale, downstream of the booster pump and before all sampling points located outside the plant.


After just one week of exercise, the felling of Pseudomonas aeruginosa has reached the 98.33% mark. In subsequent samples, the levels of abatement at the sampling point is always elevated, although of a slightly lower level than the first. This phenomenon is due to detachment of scale and biofilm present in the metal pipe, detachment that probably will end within 6-12 months.